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In conjunction with natural boarding, the barefoot trim allows your horse’s hoof to function better, aiding in overall health. With your horse’s comfort at the forefront of our minds, we work relentlessly to service individual needs. Through detailed understanding of your horse’s biomechanics and distal limb anatomy, we are able to provide a barefoot trim that best addresses the needs of a domestic horse mimicking that of the wild mustangs.  ​

Our promise 

Jennifer Stoltz is an equine professional, specializing in natural hoofcare. Living in central York Region, neighbouring one of the most active equestrian cities in North America, horses have always been a part of her life. At a young age, Jen fell in love with not just riding and the sport of eventing, but fell in love with her equine partners in crime. This passion has led Jen through various equine pursuits, including a working student position in South Carolina with a top Canadian Eventer and an internship where she learned to drive a draft team through the fields of an organic farm.

Jen understands that the saying “no hoof, no horse” could not be more true, seeing time and time again the importance of the hoof in the horse’s overall health. After learning about the negative impact that metal shoes have on horse’s biomechanics and overall health, she has dedicated herself to learning the trade of natural barefoot trimming. Jen has begun to study in this field so that she can help as many horses as possible.

In the fall of 2016, Jen took “Nature’s Barefoot Trim” run by Kate Romenanko, supported by Nature’s Barefoot Hoofcare Guild. This course covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of hoofcare and barefoot trimming. She is now in the process of completing an apprenticeship. In conjunction with this, Jen is in her third year at Trent University, completing a joint major in Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Studies with a minor in Geography.